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X-officio Delivers EOSC-study on FAIR Data and Legal Interoperability

Updated: May 28

The study on legal interoperability has been commissioned by the EOSC FAIR Working Group following a competitive tender process.

Data accessible through the EOSC will be governed by the FAIR Principles, embracing Open Science practices. Legal constraints such as ensuring a secure environment where privacy and personal data are protected and where users of the EOSC can be reassured about issues concerning data security, data sovereignty, intellectual property rights, liability risks and the like, will need to be addressed.

The 31 recommendations provided in this study should contribute to the EOSC Interoperability Framework jointly developed by the EOSC FAIR and Architecture Working Groups, which addresses four interoperability layers (technical interoperability, semantic interoperability, organisational interoperability and legal interoperability). It is also hoped that this study will contribute to the broader discussion on legal interoperability, the FAIR Principles and the development of the EOSC.

Read the full study here:

Download • 13.29MB

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