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Legal Services

We provide a full range of legal support to research infrastructures and contractual partners, covering, for example, the following areas:


  • Drafting and negotiating bespoke purchasing and outsourcing contracts; 

  • Service level agreements (SLA);

  • Consultancy agreements;

  • In-kind contracts;

  • Legal interpretation of governing documents (e.g., Statutes, Convention);

  • EU grant consortium agreements, MoUs & research collaboration agreements;

  • Intellectual property matters;

  • Organisational policies and procedures;

  • Drafting contractual templates with general terms & conditions for general use;

  • VAT issues

  • Advice regarding GDPR and data protection;

  • Asset transfer agreements (transition to ERIC legal status).


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Governance Support
Governance | ERIC | Research infrastrucutre

We understand how inter-governmental research infrastructures work and governed. We also specialise in international conventions and ERIC legal structure. We offer support, among others, in the following areas:



  • Assessment of the most appropriate legal entity and governance structure for RIs; 

  • Submitting an application for setting up an ERIC in line with Regulation 723/2009;

  • Drafting Statutes and governing documents;

  • Drafting Rules of Procedure and Operating Rules;

  • External tech transfer office

  • Designing procedures for voting at Council/Assembly and AFC meetings;

  • Drafting relevant policies as may be required by the Statutes or Convention;

  • Providing expert advice on the interpretation of statutory documents;

  • Management and operations support to research infrastructures and organisations.


Procurement Services

With more than 15 years experience in public procurement law and practice, we offer a one-stop-shop for the management of procurement activities by research infrastructures.  This includes, for example:


  • Drafting bespoke procurement rules for ERICs and intergovernmental organisations;

  • Drafting procurement templates for day to day use (e.g., contract notice, ITT, evaluation matrixes, award letters, etc);

  • Managing OJEU procurement procedures on behalf of research infrastructures in compliance with the EU directive or other applicable rules (e.g. ERIC procurement rules);

  • Procurement challenges and appeals;

  • Competitive dialogue, procurement of innovation, framework agreements and joint procurement between institutions.  


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