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X-officio appointed legal advisor to EBRAINS digital research infrastructure

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

X-officio has been appointed legal advisor to EBRAINS following a competitive tender procedure. EBRAINS is a digital (distributed) research infrastructure in brain science listed on the ESFRI Roadmap (2021). It will offer the science community state-of-the art brain data, simulation and modelling tools as well as access to supercomputing resources.

X-officio will provide legal and governance support during the EBRAINS PREP project (2023-2025) and work closely with the EBRAINS team in Brussels and Geneva.

X-officio Managing Director, Ohad Graber-Soudry commented “our specialised knowledge, experience and proven success gathered in the last decade working with many research infrastructures, puts us in an advantageous position to work with EBRAINS and we are confident that together with the EBRAINS management team we will add significant value and take EBRAINS to the next phase of building a world-class research infrastructure in brain science".

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