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X-officio Expands with the Joining of Markus Pasterk as Senior Advisor

We are pleased to announce that we have boosted our research infrastructures practice with the joining of Markus Pasterk as senior advisor.

Markus worked for the Austrian Government until 2006 and between 2007-2013 as a Scientific Coordinator for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). He later held the positions of COO and VP at the International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France. Between 2014-2018 Markus was the Administrative Director at BBMRI-ERIC and from 2019 served as the CEO and Senior Advisor for the Austrian Drug Screening Institute in Innsbruck, Austria. Since last year Markus is back part-time with the Austrian Education Ministry. Markus is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Coordinator of the EU H2020 project RItrain.

Markus will support X-officio and research performing organisations in relation to financial management and EU projects, including the drafting of proposals for, and coordination of Horizon Europe grants. He has particular expertise and interest in financial management of European Research Infrastructures, business planning, business modelling, transformation of scientific/technological strategy into financial figures, management and operations of research infrastructures, governance of international organisations as well as EU projects management.

Ohad Graber-Soudry, X-officio’s managing director said: “Markus has an excellent reputation within the research infrastructures community. His arrival brings significant strength to our unique position and expertise in working with the science and scholarly communities and will contribute to the breadth of our offering.”

Markus Pasterk commented: “I am delighted to be joining X-officio, helping to enlarge the client base and complementing its existing service portfolio dedicated to research infrastructures.”

Visit us at to learn more.

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