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European Commission adopts third report on the European Research Infrastructure Consortium

On 14 August 2023, the European Commission released its third report regarding the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) Regulation. Since its inception in 2011, 26 ERICs have been established, making ERIC a favored legal tool for many of Europe's collaborative research infrastructures, particularly those highlighted by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap. This has promoted the organization and consolidation of research resources within the European Research Area. Nevertheless, the financial and operational stability of many ERICs remains a concern. The report emphasises the need for enhanced access to ERIC programs, more available services, improved synergies between potential funding sources, strengthened international partnerships, and solutions to various operational issues.

For greater impact, it is essential to fortify ERICs as research entities. This can be achieved by obtaining comprehensive data about all aspects of the ERIC system, fostering collaboration through shared services, promoting a just, green, and digital shift, and boosting their ability to handle crises.

The third report on the implementation of the ERIC Regulation provides an overview of the state of play of the ERICs, identifies key opportunities for the ERICs to provide social and economic benefits to Europe and its citizens and discusses remaining challenges and potential solutions for an effective financing and operation of the ERICs. The report is available here.


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